Saturday, August 7, 2010

Obama's "Hope" and "Change" campaign.

I think this was one of the worst things that's happened to our country. It convinced so many people Obama would change things for our country withoud knowing what he was going to change. People just liked the sound of Change. They believed Obama would provide Hope for our great country which Obama has yet to do. I am not one of those people who think Obama is communist, however socialist he may be, but "Hope" and "Change" are the two main terms used to support most communist governments. I have read the Communist Manifesto (partially becaused it was offered for free online for the Amazon Kindle) but mostly to gain perspective. All of the reasons listed in the Communist Manifesto for having a communist government were to have "Hope" and "change" for the proletariat. So in short, Obama used Communist terminology to get Americans' votes.


Let's see... I'm 15 and a republican and proud of it. I started this blog partially because I think the republican (conservative) party is the best one to run our country and I like to talk about it and partially because I get so mad when democrats tell republicans they are intellectually inferior. But in reality, I'm sure it would be the opposite. Democrats say there policies are more logical but that's crap! If you think about it, it's obvious that their policies would ruin our country. I also started this blog because most of my 15-year old peers and friends think they are democrats. I just wanted to say that there is a teenager republican out there!